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Lecture 9

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George Cree

PSYB57Week 9 Visual Knowledge and Motor Cognition MIT 2003 Kosslyn Meets the Dalai Lama to discuss Visual Imagery Kosslyn What shape are a cats ears DL What kind of catKosslyn flustered A house catDL taking Kosslyns hand I see a furry head and its making me feel peaceful Kosslyn How many windows are in your bedroom DL silencePeople often think of mental images as pictures Theyre not It is much more difficult even impossible to reverse images like the duckrabbit in your head During imagery people dont realize theres an alternative way to see the head Introspection can be misleadingThe Dalai Lama is capable of conjuring up superb mental images of things he cares about For example he keeps accurate images of more than 700 gods in his memory where each may have three heads and six arms each holding a different object Kosslyn Our exchange taught me that Buddhist monks dont necessarily store the same things as we doI
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