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PSYB64 lecture 4 Psychopharmacology  Identifying Neurotransmitters  Types of neurotransmitters  Drug actions at the synapse  Agonists & antagonists  Neurotransmitter production, storage & release  Basic principles of drug effects NOTE: Lecture content is from Chapter 4. You are only responsible for the content covered in these lecture slides IDENTIFYING NEUROTRANSMITTERS ◦ Must be synthesized within the neuron ◦ In response to an action potential, the substance is released in sufficient quantities to produce an effect in the postsynaptic cell ◦ We should be able to duplicate the action of a suspected neurotransmitter experimentally on a postsynaptic cell ◦ Some mechanism exists that ends the interaction between the neurotransmitter and the postsynaptic cell Neurotransmitters  Types of Neurotransmitters (3) a. Small molecule transmitters – meet all or most of criteria and play a vital role in neurotransmission i. Eg: Acetylcholine (Ach) b. Neuropeptides – at least 40 act as neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and neurohormones c. Gaseous neurotransmitters – some gases transfer information from one cell to another Characteristics of Selected Neurotransmitters WHAT IS
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