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Lecture 8

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Psyb65 lecture 8 Schizophreniao Hallucinations and delusionsverbal hallucinationshear people talking to them o Delusions can be paranoidthink someones out to get them Can rarely lead to violent behaviouro Show poor performance in test of frontal lobe function o Also show reduced abilities in terms of verbal and non verbal memoryo All other neuropsychological tests appear normal o Show enlarged ventricles lighter brain weighto These studies have been taken on schizophrenics for many years theyve been on medications for a long time not clear what came first could be the result of the medicationtranquilizers Problem is transmitter not psychologicalo Occurs in 1100 peopleabout 1 of population Look at direct family parent childrenyou will find that the rate of schizophrenia goes up to 1015 depending Genetic component to the disorder o Twin studiesIf the twins are dizygotic then the incidence that one is schizophrenicthe probability that the other will get it is about the same 1015If they are monozygotic the chance of the
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