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Ted Petit

1. Which of the following cannot initiate apoptosis? a) Damage to the DNA of the neuron. b) Damage cause by free radicals. c) Withdrawal of tropic factors required for normal development. d) The presence of nectrotic neurons nearby. e) All of the above can initiate apoptosis. f) None of the above can initiate apoptosis. Answer: E 2. Which of the following is a means to compensate for the permanent loss of a neuron? a) dendritic sprouting b) collateral sprouting c) neuronal growth d) myelinization e) regenerative sprouting Answer: B 3. ________ is the removal of something from the environments, whereas ________ is the addition of something to the environment. a) dispossession; enrichment b) deprivation; enhancement c) dispossession; provision d) deprivation; enrichment e) deficiency; enhancement Answer: D 4. Which of the following tends to focus on inserting genes that enhance the production of selected molecules rather than the insertion or deletion of genes? a) gene therapy b) genetic engineering c) genetic rehabilitation d) gene analysis e) DNA analysis Answer: A 5. _________ is the regulation of a cell’s internal environment. a) nuclear equilibrium b) equilibrium c) homeostasis d) nuclear stability e) None of the above. Answer: C 6. Which of the following is false regarding ischemia? a) It can result in stroke. b) It is associated with disruption in energy pathways of the neuron. c) It is a common cause of necrotic cell death. d) It leads to an affect on ion channe
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