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Ted Petit

1 Perceptually sounds of different frequencies have differenta pitches b amplitudes c decibels d speeds e complexities Answer A 2 Which of the following describes the term decibels a The sound pressure of a source according to its amplitude b The frequencies of sound waves to which animals can perceive c Corresponding to the amplitude of the wound wave d The sound pressure of a source when compared to a standard intensity of watts Answer D 3 What is the name of the analysis used to compress complex sounds on computers a MP analysis b Courier analysis c MPEG1 analysis d Complex wave analysis e Fourier analysis Answer E 4 What is the name of the outermost visible portion of the ear a external ear canal b pinna c outer ear canal d incus e outer incus Answer B 5 Which of the following is a more technical term for the eardrum a tectorial membrane b basilar membrane c tympanic membrane d malleus membrane e incus membrane Answer C 6 Vibrations pass along in the ear through three small bones the ossicles Which of the following are the correct terms for these bones a malleus basilar anvil b tectorial basilar tympanic c hammer anvil stirrup d stapes incus malleus
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