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Lecture 4

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Ted Petit

Membranes of the neurons have channels Channels open when stimulated High concentration of sodium ions on the outside of the neuron Goes from high density to low densitywill travel from the outside to the inside Makes the inside of the cell more positive Life cycle of a transmitter substanceDifferent stepsPossible places where we can interfere with the systems 1SynthesisThe NT has to be made If you want to make more dopamine for example you could increase synthesis If you want to slow it down find an enzyme that could slow it down 2StorageNT has to be stored or packaged inside the vesicle 3ReleaseWhenever AP comes along the vesicle merges with the presynaptic membrane and the NT is released into the synaptic cleft 4Receptor NT Interacting with the Receptor 5Inactivationbreaking it down and destroying it6Reuptaketaking it into the presynaptic cell Reabsorbing itInactivation by breakdown or reuptake Parkinsons Need to increase the functional activity of dopamine SchizophreniaNeed to decrease the functional activity of dopamine Parkinsons SchizophreniaWe need to increase functionalWe need to decrease the activity functional activity Synthesis Increase Decrease PackagingDecreaseRelease Increase DecreaseReceptor Activation Increase Decrease Inactivation Decrease Increase breakdown
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