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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB65 LEC2 (C4): Cerebral Cortex, Vascular Supply, Ventricular System -convolutions, sulci, gyri -gyri: mountains -sulci: valley -big sulci a.k.a. fissure -hemispheres are connected by a large fibre pathway called corpus collosum -connections are not random, specific portions connect directly to opposite location on other hemisphere 4 major lobes: frontal, temporal, occipital and parietal frontal: motor and planning, etc. parietal: sensory temporal: hearing occipital: vision each lobe has primary cortex and association/secondary cortex -association areas are often (always?) larger than primary areas -the higher the proportion of association to primary cortex, the more evolved is the species frontal lobe- Brodman’s areas 4 and 6 -posterior border is at central sulcus -primary motor strip is the “precentral gyrus” right in front of central sulcus primary function is motor movement and control -also involved in planning, inhibition of inappropriate behaviours, visceral sensations parietal lobe- Brodman’s areas 3, 1 and 2 -begins at central sulcus and goes posterior until it hits occipital lobe -receives somatosensory information, excludes sound and vision -primary cortex in post-central gyrus, just behind central sulcus Occipital lobe- Brodman’s area 17 -function is vision -from parietal back to posterior of brain -receives information from the eyes -primary visual receptive area (area 17) is where the info from eyes enters -association cortex used for recognition, etc. temporal lobe -ventral to sylvian fissure -major function is audition -primary auditory receptive area is area 41 (pale green in slide) -association areas involved in comprehension on speech, music cerebral ventricles -space filled with fluid: cerebrospinal
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