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PSYB65 Human Brain and Behaviour

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Every lobe has 2 cortexes: Primary cortex – area that deals with primary job of lobe – eg. Info directly sent from eyes to brain Associational cortex – deals with information that comes from others/primary – eg. Processes direct sensory info from primary – newer in terms of evolution: more evolved organisms have more associational cortex – eg. can recognize diff sorts of faces, allows us to process much more complicated material Brodmann – mapped cerebral cortex of human Frontal Lobe – begins at v. anterior/front of brain – continues backward until it hits and ends at central sulcus – mostly involved with motor functions – output part of brain – motor movement/motor of brain – however in humans, involves planning of life movements  primary cortex called motor strip – ends at central sulcus precentral  central sulcus – motor strip everything in front is associational cortex humongulus Parietal lobe – Starting at central sulcus, moving backward – Responsible for sensations from the body/somatosensory input – Sensory not specialized (other than eyes/ears) – Primary strip in postcentral gyrus – Areas 312 – almost like a “little man” – goes from feet –-> throughout body – mapped differently – eg. Tumor at top, therefore no feeling in feet Occipital lobe – major function – eyes/vision – primary area – area 17 Temporal Co
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