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PSYB65-Lecture 1 Notes

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Ted Petit

Lecture 1-PSYB65 N Nervous system (2 components) o Peripheral nervous system all other nerves o Central nervous system Brain Spinal cord N Gradual change from brain to spinal cord (no dividing line) N Human brain identical to rats, cats, etc. N 3 basic parts to a brain: o Forebrain Most anterior portion of the brain Human brain is mostly forebrain by mass Human evolution has favoured it Lo}]}L9ZoKZ;~LZ]]ZZ hypothalamus) N Major relay centre (important in humans and higher mammals because we have big cortex) N we needed to have relay centre to convey info to right place in neocortex N Info from every sensory system in body stops in the thalamus and is relayed to right place in neocortex N L]K]]L]KoZ7ZoKZ}ZL[}K Z relaying because cortex is small Hypothalamus (not single structure, instead is a system) N }L}oZo]L ]}LZ;lZZ ]Zo]]::Z]Z7 hunger, territoriality, sexual behaviour N Makes you feel good (i.e. eating, drinking, sexual activity, cocaine stimulates this part of the brain) Limbic system (made up of a number of structures) N Animals have different sizes of limbic system i.e. snake vs. dog N Deals with emotions and emotionality N Amygoala N Hippocampus N Hypothalamus Cerebral Cortex
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