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Lecture 2

PSYB65-Lecture 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 2 N As move forward in brain, more complex functions o Starting from brain stem to cortex o Our brain has evolved to add on more and more complex processes o Still have the primitive parts of the brain i.e. territoriality Still have the emotions but may be more complex i.e. go to a restaurant to buy food, boundaries, passports etc. N Cerebral cortex o Vast majority of the brain o Not smooth the brains of other animals have smooth cortex the brain as it expanded, it moves back over the brain and covers almost everything except cerebellum and begins to make grooves as it crinkles on itself N end up with mountains and valleys N makes boundaries in the brain i.e. this is where vision end and motor begin N mountains:jyri (plural) jyrus (singular) 2 sides of the brain are not connected in any obvious way from the top N Called hemispheres: right and left N Connected by a fiber pathway= corpus callosum o Fibers connect analogous portions to each other i.e. central to central, posterior to posterior K02L85K07089,ON940,.K other N Right hemisphere controls left side of the body and gets info from left side of the body N Input and output from right side of body controlled by left hemisphere, this applies for somato sensory o 3 main cullsi When get big are referred to as fissures 1. Longitudinal fissure separated left from right (deep cullcous) 2. Central culcous (deep fissure in the middle of the brain) 3. Cilvian fissure
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