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Lecture 4

PSYB65-Lecture 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 4 N Neurons o Info comes into the dendrites o Dendrites get excited and causes iron channels to open up and sodium has a positive charge and causes area to become more positive, reaches threshold, causes the ion channels to open in the area and sodium pours in and makes it very positive and shoots up and comes down (the neuron has fired) and has had an action potential Positive charge across the membrane caused by sodium o Info goes along the axon until goes to the dendrite of the next cell N Parkinsons: too little adopamine o Most effective way to treat is to increase the level of synthesis (by taking dopa) N Schizophrenia: over excited adopamine system N Steps in a synaptic transmission in a generalized synapse: Life cycle of synapse o 1. Synthesis o 2. Storage Has to be packaged in order to be utilized because if not, chemicals will break it down o 3. Release When there is an action potential (most of the time) o 4. Interact with post-synaptic receptor Places where we can go and play around to find cure for brain disease Stimulates post-synaptic receptor so that channels will open up o 5. Inactivationbreak downdegradation o 6. Reuptake Reabsorbs
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