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lecture notes 09 - brain damage(1)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

historical data about brain damage influenceadult1 bullet damage in LH100 had aphasic symptoms30 showed SOME degree of recovery among lefthanded or ambidextrous individualsleast recovery among righthanded people2 bullet damage in RHfew language problems relatively rare leading to aphasiathose who showed aphasia were lefthanded or ambidextrous people righthanded people had NO aphasic symptomsMOST patients showed recovery from language problemsseem like language center is located at LH for righthanded people language is bileterally represented for lefthanded and ambidextrouschildren under age 5damage on either side had equal probability of getting aphasic symptoms100 showed recoveryseem like language ability on both sides in children not clearly leteralized yet functions will move to LH over development on righthanded people there will no language function among RH plasticityeach side is capable for the other when early damage to one side the other is easy to take over its functionpeople born without corpus callosumlanguage ability is locolized on both sides in adultseem like when we are born both sides are capable for language as we matured LH appears to dominant for language of individuals shift to the left during development LH seems to be better for language and automatically sepresses RH if two sides are not conne
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