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lecture notes 11 - aphasia

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Ted Petit

brain damage related to languageaphasiadamage language area in Left hemispherereceptive aphasiaproblem in receiving information of languagepure word deafnessproblems in relating incoming sounds into representations which allow the understanding of sounds inability to make language sense of soundsdamage to temporal area near the primary auditory cortex dorsal portion of temporal lobepatients have normal ability to read write and speak by themselves but inability to repeat what other people sayscannot obey commandslanguage input from any sensors other than EARS can be associated well in brainnormal IQ scoresintegrated aphasiaproblems in selecting and arranging meaningful units in the eventual convergece into comprehensible coherent speech inability to put language units togetherWernickes aphasiamaking unintelligent statement long time chart but make no senseharmony of a language is keeping sound like normal language not just words mixturepatients even dont aware they have this impairmentseverity of symptoms vary according to the severity of brain damageat milder level speech words may have little bit relation with the actual meaningsoundeg say table toward a chair say pepper toward a piece of paperrespond poorly to commands cannot repeat others speech unless short familiar phrasesabili
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