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Lecture 1

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Ted Petit

PSYB65 – Lecture 1 ➢ Basic Overview of the Human Brain  Nervous System: Central and Peripheral Nervous System  Central Nervous System: Brain & Spinal Cord • Spinal Cord is continuous with ther brain: hard to distinguish between the two. • Spinal cord continues into the base of the brain • Forebrain, Midbrain, and Hindbrain • Forebrain • Anterior: Forward in the brain • Posterior: Toward the back • Thalamus: Relay Centre for info coming in from spinal cord. Forwards info to frontal part of the brain • Hypothalamus: Controls life processes in a more complex way. Keeps species alive over a long period of time – eating behaviour, drinking, (hunger and thirst are motivating behaviours) territoriality, sex, reproductive behaviours. 4 F's (feeding, fighting, finding, fucking) • Limbic System • Amygdala • tightly interconnected structures involved in emotion • Hippocampus • Cerebral Cortex: most anterior structure in the brain. New cortex. Massive that it seems like most of the human brain but in fact it's only a portion. So it's the largest, complex, most evolved part of the human brain. Gives us intellectual reasoning and ability to store information • Midbrain • Reticular Formation: Controls Sleep-Wakefulness cycles/Circadian Rhythms. Damage to this area results in a coma. • Hindbrain • Cerebellum: Sensory-motor integration – receives sensory info and then sends out a message to move muscles/limbs).Damage to this area may prevent one from standing upright. Sits on top of the brain-stem.
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