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Lecture 11

Human Brain & Behavior--Lecture 11.doc

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 11Learning and MemoryLanguageLearningMemoryVarieties of AmnesiaAnterograde amnesiainability to acquire new memories after injuryRetrograde amnesiainability to rememberrecall previously consolidated memories before the onset of the conditionTimedependent retrograde amnesiaseverity of injury determines how far back in time the amnesia extends can be an hour 2 hours 10 minutes before the accidentshows that the whole brain has been affectedTheories of Retrograde AmnesiaConsolidation TheoryRole of the hippocampus is to consolidate memoriesthen send them to be stored elsewhere in the brainoWhen you experience the world around you all sensory parietal temporal occipital loves are lit up if you reexperience something recall a memory youre reactivating the same network that was previously activated if youve successfully recalled the memoryoHippocampus acts as a binderAccounts for preservation of old memoriesoSimilar to reconsolidation theory every time you experience an old memory you lay it down in a different wayit becomes very resilient routematrixAs more damage occurs the more old memories will be lostMultipleTrace Theory3 kinds of memorywhen we experience the world around us we lay down memory tracks in different ways depending on the type of information it isoAutobiographic memorymemory specific to your life diary of individual experiences unique to youoFactual semantic memoryinformation that we all collectively agree uponyou cant recall when you actually learned that information ex knowing the sky is blueoGeneral semantic memoryEach type id dependent on a different brain areaOld memories are more resistant to amnesia because they change location in the brain as they are recalledReconsolidation TheoryReconsolidationa memory reenters a labile phase when it is recalledis then restored as a new memoryoLabilesomeones mood vulnerable unpredictableoWhen you recall a memory its always from a different perspective activates your mind a bit differently you manipulate it a bitstore it againallows us to become more consolidated
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