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Lecture 7

Human Brain & Behavior--Lecture 7.doc

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 7Sensory SystemsGeneral Principles of Sensory System FunctionSensory receptorsspecialized cells that transduce or convert sensory energy into neural activityReceptors are energy filtersrespond only to a narrow band of energyTransduction of EnergyVisionlight is converted to chemical energy in the photoreceptorsAuditionair pressure waves are converted into mechanical energy which activates the auditory receptor cellsSomatosensorymechanical energy activates mechanoreceptorsTasteolfactionchemical molecules in the airfood fit into receptorsPaintissue damage releases a chemical that acts like a neurotransmitter to activate pain fibersEx NS apparatus which allows for energy to be transduced into neural code into the spinal cordup to the brainReceptive Fields Locate Sensory EventsReceptive fieldSpecific part of the world to which a sensory receptor respondsProvides a unique view of the world for each sensory systemHelps locate sensory events in spaceReceptors Identify ChangeConstancyRapid adapting receptorsoDetect when something is thereoEasily activated but stop responding quicklySlowly adapting receptorsoAdapt habituate more slowly to stimulationReceptors Distinguish Self from OtherExteroceptivereceptors that respond to external stimuliInteroceptive ex proprioceptors vestibular chochleaoReceptors that respond to internal stimuli
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