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Ted Petit

PSYB65LECTURE 07 DRUGS I Neuropsychology deal w individuals that selfinducetaking it usually for funAddictionGLOBAL OVERVIEW OF CLASSIFYING DRUGSBeing in diff categories1 Prescription drugsby doctors 2 Overthecounter drugsgetting it in pharmacy wout doctors note 3 Social drugseg nicotine alcohol caffeine4 Drugs that are not produce commercially or if produced commercially it is not for the use psychoactive effecteg airplane glue Talking about drugsin terms of addicting qualities tolerance withdrawal and mechanism it works throughTolerance its when taken repeatedlythe same amount of drug give decrease behaviour effectalmost all drugs have this qualitybut not all of themall vary in the level of tolerance Stimulantlook at synapsedrug cause excess amount of transmitter to releasedmore transmitters are hittingbombarding the receptors sites in thepostsynaptic neuron5 As you get hyperactivity in postsynaptic cell through its own feedback systemget a plastic response by decrease either theor sensitivity of reports more bombarded receptors hitting postsynapticfeweror sensitivity of receptors in postsynaptic neuronfor compensating overactivation6 Thus dont get the strong behavioural effect for the same amount of drug Depressantthis slows down functional activitydecrease activity in postsynapticso through its own feedback systemtry to compensate for underactivity of it by increasingor sensitivity of receptors of postsynaptic cells7 Dont get the same behavioural effect for the same amountWithdrawal For most drugs the longer time period on them as well as dosageits harder to get them out of it because of these symptoms experience by patientespecially for depressant8 Eg Alcoholdont take it off quickly cold turkeyin hospitalput them on valiumfor while Stimulantloot at tolerance systembrain has adjust so now the postsynaptic neuron has few inor sensitivity receptorsnow take the drug awaypresynaptic goes back to normal stimulationdue to adjustment of postsynaptic neurons is under stimulated as resultdepressedneed more time for system to adjust itself back9 Normal activitydecrease activity in posysynaptic cellopposite reaction to what drug doesvery depressedeventually goes back to normal after time10 Symptoms include tiredness depression lethargicnot lifethreatening1 Depressantlook at tolerance systembrain adjust so the postsynaptic cells have Increaseor sensitivity of receptorsnormal activation of presynaptic cellincrease normal transmitters being releasedincrease stimulation of postsynaptic cell11 Again opposite effect of drugsperiod of hyperstimulationshaking seizures depending of severity which could lead to death12 This is why dont take directly off depressant wout some substitution depressantcould maybe lead to death otherwiseAddiction Implies that person want to have that drugsits behaviour or physical dependence on the drugdiff types of addiction psychologicalphysical addiction Psychological addictionbehaviour dependent on drugshard to define it Physical addiction means that there is physical psychophysical included symptomsclear such as in terms of blood pressure shaking etccould be measured In terms of addictionGeneral rule more rapid the effect of the drugmore addicting it is13 eg cocainefrom coca plant people harvest Y make usually tea out of it of leafs gives sling increase in activity levelsimilar to effect of caffeine in morning14 for exportationextract cocaine out of leafincrease in concentrationhave mild addicting quality15 high concentration as crack cocaineget rapid effect instant rushvery addictiveSTIMULANTS list mild to strongall of these cause shift to arousal state in corticalincrease activity in cortical EEG inhibit sleepCaffeine mildestfound commonly in teacoffeediff levels of it in them usuallyof it in the tea than coffee tolerancesome do develop but very little withdrawalopposite reactionheadache constipation irregularity in digestive system16 in order to have this effectyou must have to be on it for very high dose 68 cups a day toxicityin terms of deathnot very toxicestimate take 70 100 cups of coffee at one time mechanismhow does it workit inhibit breakdown of cyclic AMPit causes increase of cyclic AMP amountleads to increase glucose productionwhich causes heighten increase cellular activityNicotine found in tobacco leaves2
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