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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes

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Ted Petit

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Lecture 08 Psychopharmacology of Drug Action, Depressants, Opiates & Hallucinogens Gava the primary inhibitory amino-acid transmitter Barbiturates bind together Lowers brain excitability Most are synergistic o Works in similar mechanisms by adding to each other or cancelling each other out o Similar in mechanism of action barbiturates and alcohol (additive) o Most will prevent the withdrawal effects of the other o Hyper-excitability causes seizures o We take advantage of the fact that most drugs are synergistic for alcohol you put them on valium Barbiturates are prescribed normally for sleep induction; typically used in elderly individuals. o Cycadian rhythms are disturbed in elderly people o Older people generally tend to abuse this type of drug Whenever someone is on barbiturates they dont get enough REM sleep o While they do induce sleep, it reduces the amount of time in REM sleep (behavioural consequences) Withdrawal When you come off the brain becomes hyper-excitable and change of death o Death from seizure during the withdrawal phase o Alcohol will stop the withdrawal symptoms of barbiturates Alcohol Causes more problems than any other drug in society CNS depressant Made by yeast digest sugar which excretes sugar Accounts for the largest number of ambitions in a hospital o Accounts for 20-40% of all admission o Accounts for 55% of all arrests o Accounts for 50-75% of all homicides o 50% of all driver deaths o 20-30% of all suicides the person has been drinking As a psychologist one might think that getting rid of alcohol will solve the problem of the stats mentioned above o Experiment that was done to try and deal with these numbers: United States Prohibition Went from Jan 1920 to Dec 1933 (then repealed) During this time all the stats decreased dramatically for a very short term The downturn did not last long; by 1930 the numbers had gone right back up to where they were prior to prohibition Why did it go back up? People were drinking again People were obtaining it illegal (if you want something you will get it) As well they had the old problems plus additional problems when something is made legally the government watches over it to protect us; when not being made legally it is being made illegally without regulations The alcohol bought today is called Ethel Alcohol
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