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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Ted Petit

Frontal Lobe Lecture 10 - the posterior section deals with primary motor strip, getting info out -more anterior deals with higher order function (association cortex) such as appropriate behaviours Frontal lobotomies: - deals with prefrontal area ( anterior portion of frontal lobe) -developed through GALL phrenology, he said that anterior frontal lobe deals with intellectual functioning - using this Jacobson did test on monkeys on memory and intelligence test then removed anterior portion and reported: - loss in delay response capabilities ( if they saw a solution to a problem and were asked to solve it right after, they were able to. However if there was a delay between seeing and action they could not) -therefore he thought there was a problem with immediateshort term memory, but noticed that when left in the dark or on a sedative they were able to solve problem suggesting that problem was not in memory but in distractibility (emotionality) -also saw problems in alternation (WGTA) -had a irate monkey that was use for test , then after test was manageable and different -Dr. Munioz noticed this and began seeing if this could be done on humans with mental disorders( severe) -results (based on
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