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Michael Inzlicht

PSYB65 Lecture 1Nervous system is divided into two major parts Central nervous system CNSperipheral nervous systemCentral nervous system is made up of brainspinal cordPeripheral nervous system is made up of all the other nerves nerves that go out of the brainspinal cordSpinal cord to the brain no dividing line between them o Cant tell where one changes from one to the other o Spinal cord enters from framen magnum hole in back of skullcontinues on to the braino Gradual change in cell types as you go up Gradualcontinuous transitionHuman brain all you see is cerebral cortexcerebellumHuman brain is identical to cat ratdog mammals in terms of overall organizationBack of brain spinal cordAfter spinal cord is divided into forebrain midbrainhindbrain general termsHind brain Brain stem major components are cerebellumthe medullao Cerebellum is generally involved in sensory motor integration allows you to stand up on two legs gives you balance ability to manoeuvre appropriately keeps you from falling forward or backward o When it is damaged like you are drunkstaggering unable to constantly processing information o Medulla in brain core is responsible in basic critical life processes such as heart raterespiration Keeps you alive at most basic level o Not a place for you to have a stroke or tumourMid brain Reticular formation an area composed of a number of different nuclei primary factors in mid brain Involved in sleepwakefulness cycles circadian rhythms wakes upputs us back to sleep Damage in reticular formationdo not wake upa coma very criticalForebrain Most anterior portion of the brain Very big evolutionmajor relay centre particularly in humanshigher mammals because we have this huge o Thalamusneocortexwhenever that got big basically needed relay centre to convey
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