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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

PSYB65 Lecture 2Cerebral cortex is not smooth for humans unlike ratfish There has been evolutionary pressure for human brain to become smart organismsCerebral cortex covers the brainthen folds over Has mountainsvalleys in brain important to tell where u rMountains are referred to gyrus gyriValleys are referred to sulcus Two sides are not connected in any obvious way o Brain is divided into two hemispheres Right hemisphereleft hemisphere Right hemisphere controls lefthand side of bodyviceversa Two hemispheres are connected by broad fibre pathway called corpus callosum Fibres connects analogous portions of the brain to each other Three main sulci when they get really bigdeep referred to as fissureso Longitudinal fissure separates the two hemispheres o Central sulcus central fissure Separates frontalparietal lobes o Sylvian fissure lateral fissureSeparatesCerebral cortex is subdivided into four lobes with different functionso Frontal lobe in the fronto Parietal lobe behind the frontal lobe behind central sulcuso Occipital lobe very back of heado Temporal lobe below sylvian fissure Within each lobe has a primary cortexassociation cortexPrimary cortex is the primary receptive area gets input from some sort of sensory modality or motormuscle output sensory input or motor output part of the lobe that gets that info directly from whatever sense it is responsible for Association cortex surroundsbehind primary cortex is the computing power of cells processing more complex phenomenon take simple infobuild on it processes higher ordernewer to brainEvolved animals greater percent associational cortex compared to primary cortex Brodmann decid
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