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Michael Inzlicht

PSYB65 Lecture 3Textbook on exam no dates on the exam do not ask questions from a table know really big names Problems in blood flowvascular systemBlood carries oxygen and sucrose to keep cells alive o Brain has high metabolic raterequirement TypesA Blockage of blood flow o Cerebral vascular accident CVA commonly referred to stroke loose term Severe interruption to the blood supply of the brain this interruption of blood supply results in ischemia problem in blood supply not enough blood disruption to oxygen being supplied to the brain not enough glucoseoxygen produces deaddying tissues infarct oEncephalomalacia lack of blood supply but very slow usually from longtermblockage of arteries plaquecholesterol brain tissue becomes damaged softening of the brain tissue swelling not completely dead o Transient ischemic attackTIA Transient temporary comes and goes ischemiclack of oxygenglucose temporary restriction of blood flow involves muscular of particular blood vessel under a lot of stressand severe headachesmigrainesduring constriction muscular contract and wont get enough blood supply to part of brain blurred vision lasts 1half day sort of like stroke very temporary Types of vascular problemsdisruption of blood flow caused by o Thrombosis blocked locally formed blood cloto Embolism blockage that breaks off from somewhere else plaque cholesterol buildup from artery o Arterialsclerosisclogging of the arteries slow reduction in blood supplyencephalomalacia B Cerebral haemorrhage blood vessels burst massive bleeding into the brain tissue itselfcan be life threatening it is most often
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