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Lecture 7


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Michael Inzlicht

PSYB65 Lecture 7 Psychiatry ward filled by alcoholics Different categories oPrescription drugs or overcounter drugs dont need prescriptiono Social drugs things that you dont go to a drug store eg caffeine alcoholo Drugs not produced commercially eg marijuana or not produced commercially but not for psychoactive effect eg airplane glue Varies by country yeardecade example codeine over the counter in Canadaprescription in US Yearsmoking restriction marijuana being legalizedTolerance Most drugs if taken repeatedly you get a decreasing behavioral effect when you repeatedly take the same drug most drugs are that way Not all drugs eg marijuana become sensitive Normally take a drug eg stimulant causes excessive transmitter to be released by various mechanisms manufacturing storage release reuptake wind up with more transmitter substance hitting the receptors Stimulates the postsynaptic neuronpostsynaptic cell becomes bombarded the more the postsynaptic receptors are bombarded the more the postsynaptic membrane reduces the number or sensitivity of the postsynaptic receptors to compensate for the over activation therefore postsynaptic neuron will not fire as often not permanent cyanide permanent Same thing happens for depressant mechanism is decreasing the functional activity decreasing the activation of postsynaptic cell will start to increase the number or sensitivity of the postsynaptic receptors to compensateDrugs have more tolerance than others brain responds with drugs with rapidly or no response to at all Depends on drug mechanismRitalin stay on for long period of time without tolerance LSD take for few daysno effect quick toleranceWithdrawal Most drugs when have been on for a while hard to get off because of withdrawal effects Severe eg alcoholics never want them to withdraw from alcohol quickly give them valium Depressantsuppressant keeps the brain fr
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