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Lecture 10


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Lecture 10Historically anterior frontal lobeprefrontal lobe Gall who brought in concept of phrenology areas for different functionsprefrontal lobeintellectual functionfrom people and primates bulge in fronthighly intelligentwidespread in society ie Sherlock holms1930s Jacobson tested this in monkeys took group of monkeys trained them in series of behavioural tests looking at learning and memory higher order functioning and then did frontal lobotomy removing the prefrontal area anterior portion of frontal lobefound that monkeys had loss of delayed response capabilities could not perform if there was a delay in time between seeing the solution and actual performing the solutionin WGTA Wisconsin general testing apparatus put monkey in cage good at tool usage thought this meant that general loss in immediate or short term memoryhowever found that if he left animals in dark during delayed period or given sedative barbiturate animals could actually solve and found that it was not memory it was distractability emotionality also found animals had problem in alternation cups and rasisnobserved female animal and she would be frustrated and upset removed prefrontal lobe and after surgery no problem because Jacobson went to conference and talked about this and explained his results from monkeysfirst researcb done on primates with frontal lobotomyDr Monez a neurosurgeon thought it was very important and needed to test this and preformed this on depressed psychotic and sczhiophernicused leuotomes needles through eyes through optic nerve and cut out ant
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