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Lecture 1

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Ted Petit

091211Lecture 1Basic Overview of the Human BrainDivision of 2 parts CNS and PNS y CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord 1 Hindbrain 2 major components the cerebellum sensory motor integration waking information from sensation in the body and linking it together w motors to control the body and the medulla keeping you alive at the most basic level ie heartbeat and respiration 2 Midbrain 1 major component is reticular formationcontrollingmany people who sleep wakefulness cycle or CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS dont wake up are those in a coma 3 Forebrain Anterior and posterior components include thalamus relay centre information from the spinal cord and is relayed forward into modern parts of the brain and hypothalamus controls life processes in a more complex way not just heartbeat and respiration keeps individualspeciesaliveie eating behaviour drinking or hungerthirst over a long period of time Also involved in territorialityfightingaggressionsex fighting over territory Olfaction is VERY important for the hypothalamus The easy thing is if it feels good its the hypothalamus THE 4 FS 4 The Limbic System Amygdala Hippocampus and Hypothalamus They are t
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