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Lecture 2

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Ted Petit

Lecture 2091911 Cortexas got larger and larger there isnt enough space so it starts to make ridges mountains and valleysSulcisulcus are the valleys indentation tell where we are dividing where one part ends and where another startsIf sulci are very deep they become fissures deep groove GyriGyrus is the mountains2 hemispheres are separated by the longitudinal fissure CNS Information in decision made information out A lot of the information is sensoryEverything on the right side of your universeworld is controlled by the left hemisphere and vvie if grandma had a stroke and damaged her right hemisphere her LEFT side will be paralyzedThe central sulci central fissure is a deep groove halfway form front to back thatThe Sylvian fissurelateral fissureis the large fissure on the sideThe hemisphere is also divided into lobes 4 on each side 1 Frontal Lobe In the very front mostly involved in motor functionmovement the out part of the information planning of what youre going to do and what you need to do to get
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