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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

PSYB65Lecture 4 Review of the NeuronInformation through the dendrites and if there is enough excitation the information will be sent through the axonThere are pores called ion channels these porechannels open up and allow Na to come into the cell When Na enters the cell the inside of the cell becomes more If enough enters a threshold is made and makes it EXTREMEMLY When action potential arrives at axon it comes to the part where 2 cells meet Synapse Contact point between 2 neuronsSynaptic vesicles have chemicals in them that transmit information transmitter substanceAxonchemical that works on dendrite The space between the axons and dendrite is the synaptic cleft Dopamine InhibitionParkinsonsDopamine Over crazySchizoHow do transmitter systems work 4 things that 1 They need to be made needs to be synthesized 2 Transmitters have to be stored and protected if not there are little chemicals in axon terminals or else they will destroy everything thats no packaged in synaptic vesicles 3 Whenever there is an axon potential the transmitter needs to be released sometimes we have drugs that preventinhibit or increase the amount of release we can interfere with the system 4 Once it is released it needs to interac
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