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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Ted Petit

PSYB36 LECTURE 7 Drug Classifications y prescriptionvary from country to country y over the countervaries with different countries y socialdont need to get from drug store o ROH nicotine caffeine y not produced commercially street drugs or if produced commercially its not for their psychoactive effect Tolerance and Withdrawl y tolerance change in beh effect with repeated use of a drug o stimulant brain responds by changing sensitivity or number of recps effectedbc overstiumlated with drug dec o depressant brain responds by inc recps or inc sensitivity of recpsbc understimulated with drug inc y withdrawalbeh affects when drug stopped in a person who has built up tolerance for said drug o beh affects of withdrawal are opposite of beh affects of drug o stimulant brain activity depressed with removal of drugunder stimulation period after withdrawal before activity returns to normalif still can o depressantpo
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