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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Ted Petit

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PSYB65 LECTURE 11 Frontal Lobe Syndrome y focusing on damageremoval of prefrontal area of the lobe y Historythought responsible for intellectual functionGalls phrenology o idea tested by Jacobsonremoved prefrontal of monkeysdec performance in delayed response tasks y Wisconsin General Testing Apparatus WGTAequivalent of Skinner box but for monkeys o if could see the solution and be able to act then they could BUT if there wasdelay the monkey cant perform y monkey in cagebanana outside monkey will look around to see if there are tools to be used to get banana o those with damage by time saw stick they forgot there was a banana and vice versathough problem in shortterm memory capacities y tested in diff conditionthe dark or if given a tranq could perform the task o problem not due to memory but to distractibility st problems in alternations1 one set of responses is correct then later another set Is correct and alternate between the two y damaged monkeyscouldnt alternate between the two unable to change once formed one set of r
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