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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Ted Petit

PSYB65Lecture 7Classification of DrugsPrescription DrugsWhats prescription is here may not be prescription somewhere else Canada vs USOver the counterCodeine is an over the counter drug hereyou dont need a prescriptionSocial Drugsalcohol nicotine caffeine coffeeused sociallydont need to go to a drug storeDrugs That Are Not produced Commericiallynot produced commericially like marijuana LSD cocaineor theyre produced commericially but not for their psychoactive affectAirplane glue is produced commericially but made to put airplanes together not to sniff and get highToleranceIf a drug is taken repeatedly you get a reduced behavioural effectMost drugs show this behavioural phenomenon known as toleranceHow does this workAssumption is that when you repeatedly take a drug the brain tries to compensate for this by changing the sensitivity or number of receptors that are affectedBrain adaptsplasticity occursyoure overstimulating by taking drugsSo what brain does is that it compensates by reducing the number or sensitivity of the receptorsso even though youre emitting many transmitters there is a reduction in receptors so theres a decrease in activity to bring it back to normal level of functioningBut what happens with depressants Its the exact opposite since depressants slow the brain downIn this case brain increases receptors so even though you have a very small amount of transmitter released it will activate more receptors and bring level of functioning to normalPostsynaptic cells increase their receptorsSmall amounts of it thereforeonly produces normal level of activationSo postsynaptic cells are what really matterSo tolerance if brain is overstimulated it will try to reduce to get back to normal function and if it is understimulated then it will ramp itself back up to normal functioningWithdrawalWhat are the behavioural effects of withdrawing from a drug you have tolerance toAt this point drugs will show withdrawal symptoms pyschologicalphysiological symtpomsWhat causes withdrawal symtpomsBrain has already adjusted to this abnormal drugLets say if theres a reduction in receptorsand then you remove the drugone receptor will not be enough to activate postsynaptic neuron
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