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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Clear and concise! (Mechanisms of drug action, psychopharmacology of neural stimulants)

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Ted Petit

Lecture 7Mechanisms of drug action psychopharmacology of neural stimulants Classifications of Drugsprescription varies among countries overthecounter drugs legal without prescription available in drug stores social drugs alcohol nicotine cigarettes caffeine coffee and tea may be made commercially but not for their psychiatric effects marijuana LSD airplane gluenot meant for sniffing Tolerance reduced behavioural effect when you take drug repeatedlyy Brain compensates for this repeated action by changing sensitivity or the number of receptors affectedFor example Stimulantreduce the number receptors therefore decrease sensitivity neuroplasticity bringing it DOWN to normalDepressantslows the brain down therefore increase the number of receptors therefore increase sensitivity bringing it back UP to normal IT IS WHAT GOES ON IN THE POSTSYNAPTIC CELL THAT MATTERSWithdrawal develop tolerance and then being taken off from drugphysiological behavioural outputy System compensates to stimulantthen stimulant is removed but you still have a reduced number of receptorsyou barely get any activation in the postsynaptic cellDEPRESSION the behavioural effect of withdrawal is the exact OPPOSITE of the effects of the drug Tired sleepy maybe depressed but this NOT life threateningy System compensates to depressantthen depressant is removed but you still have a increased number of receptors you get more activation in the postsynaptic cellOVERSTIMULATION Seizures You NEVER take an alcoholic off of alcohol without replacing it with something elseusually valium another depressant without this substitution THIS CAN BE LIFE THREATENING Slowly reduce the amount of valium y You will not get these withdrawal symptoms unless you built up toleranceAddiction 1 Psychological behavioural dependence doesnt have to be a drug 2 physical addictionphysiologically measurable symptoms eg dilation of pupils blood pressure changes sweatingy Depends more on the mechanism of administration that the drug itself and speedy Increased concentration of drug administered quickly eg injectionmakes you feel GREAT very quickly which is A LOT more effective than taking the same drug in small doses and requiring a long time for the effectSTIMULANT
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