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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Detailed Notes

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Ted Petit

Lecture 10Neuropsychology of Brain DamageLanguage The AphasiasGeneral concept of LanguageWernickes areaReceivingunderstandingintegrating languageMotor outputfrontal cortex primary motor stripOutput of speechassociational cortex just in front of motor stripBrocas areawhere language gets outLanguage is organized as being decoded coming into the ear recoded and then going outAphasiaPerson has no languageProblem with language is actually dysphasiabut in clinical terms we say mild aphasia or severe aphasiaAlexiaperson has a problem in readingAgraphiaperson has problem in writingTesting patientsAsk if they could understand a commandAsk if they could identify an objectIf they could read write or speakRepetition ask them to speak This way you could determine what they can and cannot do to determine what type ofaphasia they haveAphasia 3 categories of aphasiaAnalogous to dendrites and neuronsdendrites receive info and neurons job is to integrate makes yes or no decision and sends information through the axon1 Receptive AphasiasAphasias that deal with receiving and understanding languagePure Word DeafnessProblems in relating incoming sounds into representations which allow the understanding of discoursePerson can hear the sounds but they cannot distinguish it as language they cant understand it as languageLike listening to a foreign language gibberish They actually cant understand their own speech think they are speaking gibberishComprehension portion of the brain is missingWhat can they doNormal ability to read write and speak normal language is intactOkay with prosodyDamage outside primary receptive area
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