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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Detailed Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 8CNS DepressantsAll of these will depress functioning in cerebral cortex3 CategoriesBarbituatesLower brain excitabilityGABAprimary inhibitory transmitter in the brainBarbiturates bind to GABA receptors and activates themAnd GABA inhibits activity in the brainDouble negativeturning on inhibitory centerSynergistic with most other depressantsaddiditive effectsthis is why theyre so toxicCombination of barbituatesalchoholkilled most celebrities Marylin MonroeUsesAs a sedative to put elderlyolder people to sleepwho have irregular sleep cycleBut its not quality sleeptheres not enough REM sleepTreat epilepsyeffective for driving excited neurons downAnxiolytic effectscalm person downWithdrawalWhenever you come off of it you get an overactivation of CNS which could be lifethreateningconvulsions seizuresSo you cant take them off immediatelyCan prevent withdrawal symptoms by giving them alcohol instead a replacementNonBarbituatesAlcoholSocial consequences of alcoholThey take up more beds in psychiatric hospitals than anybody elseAccounts for largest admission to mental hospitals2040 of all beds are taken up by alcoholicsSociological problems of acohol55 of all arrestsperson was impaired5075 of all homicidesperson was impaired50 of all accidentsone of the drivers was impaired2030 of suicidal incidentsimpairedNo other drug comes close to these statisticsHistoryIn US Prohibition Act 19201933Canada did not outlaw alchohol and so they took advantage of itInitially a drop in accidents etc so it was goodBut by 1930 all those numbers rose again and they had extra problems on top of thatthis was because they all figured out how to get alcohol
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