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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Clear and concise! (Psychopharmacology of drug action, depressants, opiates, and hallucinogens)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 8Psychopharmacology of drug action depressants opiates and hallucinogens CNS DEPRESSANTS 1 Barbiturates 2 Nonbarbiturates 3 AlcoholEEG shift into relaxed drowsy stateDESPRESSANTBarbituratesy Lower brain excitability y GABA is a primary inhibitory transmitter in the brain barbiturates bind to GABA receptors and activate them and therefore slows down the activity of the brain because you are turning on this inhibitory center y Barbiturates are synergistic with most other depressants eg barbiturates and alcoholtwo of them work together or even multiply the effects of each other therefore they can be very deadly y Usagesput elderly people to sleep but it will causeless time spent in RIM sleep dreaming and rapid eye movementstreat epilepsy hyperexcitable neurons to slow the brain down for antianxiety y Withdrawal symptomsLIFE THREATENING because as you undampen the brain you will get convulsions and seizures Because it is synergistic with other depressants you can give patient who is coming off on barbiturates alcohol DEPRESSANTAlcoholy Most detrimental drug powerful psychological effect on society and medical community derived via yeast digesting sugar secretion y 20 40 psychiatric beds are taken by alcoholics55 of all arrests were impaired50 75 of all homicidesperson was drinkingimpaired 50 killed in car accidents and 2030 suicideperson was drinkingimpaired y US Law had a prohibition period from Jan 1920 to Dec 1933 made alcohol illegal initial drop of horrible numbers BUT by 1930 all the numbers came right back where they wereadditional problems despite laws everyone knows how to get the drug somehow government cannot prevent humans from getting access and they cannot inspect ity Without government inspection for purity if you are not careful you can get methanol broken down into formic acid and formaldehyde which leads to blindness and even death from ethanol just a hangovery Chemistry and metabolismabsorbed directly from the stomach wall instantly into the bloodstream fastest source of energy 200 caloriesoz 7 caloriesg SECOND MOST CALORIC TO FAT cannot be stored as fat directly so you cannot get fat from beer decreases production of antidiuretic hormone ADH for the brain therefore it makes you go urinate and leads to DEHYDRATION y CNS Effectsstimulate GABA receptors inhibitorydepress metabolism affect membrane actions of neurons y 12 low levels12 beers cortex will actually shift to an arousal state therefore DISINHIBITION how can a depressant be a stimulant It depresses the inhibitory centers double negative so the cortex is disinhibited so they get more excited faster reflexes BUT once alcohol levels rise just a little it depresses the cortex directlyEEG will show depressed state alcohol medulla respiration and therefore cause death y Longterma couple drinks a daylive longer livesy High levels will lead to thr
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