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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 9 Cerebral Dominance and the Neuropsychology of LanguageLateralizationEarly ResearchExamining patients with bullet woundsVariation in behavioural problemsMore than just right side of the brain controlling the left there are actual problemsStudy on AdultsBrain damage in adulthoodWounds to the left hemisphere100 patients will show some aphasic symptomsSome problems in languageMore proper to use the word mild aphasia 30 showed recoveryThe ones that recovered were lefthanded or ambidextrous both handsNotion that ambidextrous people are really leftees but they also use right handLeast amount of recovery is always in righthanded peopleConclusionsLeft hemisphere is predominantly languageHandednessWhether your lefthanded or righthanded is importantif youre left handed youre more likely to recoverSo if youre righthanded left hemisphere is very important in languageWounds to right hemisphereFew language problemsRarely leads to complete aphasia Only ones who did show aphasia with this damage were lefthanded or ambidextrous and they showed good recovery from language problemsRighthanded people with right hemisphere damage showed NO LANGUAGE PROBLEMSOnly lefthanded did BUT they showed recoveryConclusionsIf youre right handedlanguage is in the left hemisphereIf youre left handedyou have language in both hemispheres bilaterally locatedIf youre left handed and you damage left hemyou lose language or you damage right and you lose languag meaning its on both sides and because its on both sides you can recover because the side thats not damaged can take over So no matter which side you damage you will have language problems but either way it doesnt matter because you will recoverSo quite sad for righthandersKidsUnder the age of 5Walk at 1 and talk at 2
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