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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture 5Sensorimotor SystemsSensory system is in the parietal cortex and motor system is in the frontal lobetheyre divided by the central gyrus surrounded by precentral gyrus primary motor input and postcentral gyrus primary sensory inputWhat happens when these systems are damagedVisual SystemHow is it organizedAnatomical OrganizationVisual fieldThe 2 retinaseach are dividedcreating a visual fieldIt is what the person could actually see out thereDivided into a right visual half field and a left visual half fieldNasal portion of the retina is the portion that is closest to your noseTemporal portion of retina are the ones that are farther out closer to your templesOptic nerves the two separate nerves coming from your eyesand they all meet at a single pointoptic chaismThey then branch out and go to your brainthe optic tractIts a nerve if its outside the CNS and if its inside its called a tractThe nasal portion of each retina crosses while the temporal portions stay on the same side and goes to the same side of the brain CortexObject to your right will hit the nasal portion of your right retina but the temporal portion of your left retina and vice versaso the left hand side of each eye Something on the left will hit the right hand side of each eyeEverything in your left visual field will go to your right cortex and everything on the right visual field ends up in left cortex
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