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Hindbrain-- cerebellum -involves in sensory motor integration -allows human to stand up with two legs (balance) by constantly modulating sensory input from other parts of body so that keep the body standing in balance (if damage, looks like being drunk) medulla -responsible for basic life processes such as heart rate, respiration (keeps human ALIVE at basic level) Midbrain--composes of a number of nuclei reticular formation (primary) -involves in sleep and wake cycles (if damage, sleep all the time) forebrain-- thalamus -major relay center particularly in humans and other higher mammals, send info to appropriate cortex hypothalamus -beneath the thalamus -controls relative higher life functions such as thurst, hunger, territoriality, sexual behaviours (more like SPECIES) -feel good part of the brain (any info that one feels good is here) limbic system -beyond two thalamus, deals with emot
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