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Lecture 4

Human Brian - Lecture 4.docx

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Ted Petit

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Human Brian Lecture 4relatively positively electric charge caused bypre synapticpost synaptic sidejunction in between is the synaptic cleft micheal j foxParkinsonsnot enough dopamineo drugs tat stimulate DA releaseaddictive schizotoo much dopamine MJFIncrease WandaDecrease SynthesisIncrease Decrease Package Decrease Release Increase Decrease Receptor ActivityMimic BlockerInactivation doubleIncreaseDecreasemimickerchemicals that can mimic the activity of a neurotransmittero activates the receptor one way to incr the activity of a sys is to increase the synthesis of the systemblocker looks enough like a transmitter itself so it can fit in perfectly into the receptor BUT DOES NOT activator by decreasing inactivation you are actually increasing activat
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