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Ted Petit

Human BrianLecture 2the same primitive needs are in us although it is more advanced we have territorialityboundariesbordersCerebral Cortexthe cerebral cortex starts folding in within itself as it grows mountains in the braingyrus gyrithe two sides of the brain are not connected in any obvious way but in fact are connected important that they are connectedbrain is divided into a right and left hemisphereo they are connected by a fiber pathwayo right hemicontrols left side of the body and gets info from the left side of your bodyo left hemicontrols the right side of the body and gets info form the left side of your body the two side are connected by a broad fiber pathwaycorpus collosumo anterior section on one side is connected to the anterior section of the other side similar sections connected to similar section of the other side3 main cellciefissures o longitudinal fissureseparated the left and right hemispheres o central sulcus fissureseparates the frontal and parietal lobeso sylvian lateral fissureseparates out a lobe cerebral cortex is divided into 4 lobes way of separating out by functions o frontal lobeis in fronto parietal lobe behind the frontal lobejust behind the central sulcus o occipital lobeat the very back of the head o temporal lobeportion below the sylvian fissure every lobe has a primary cortex that deals with a primary functiono primary cortex is the primary receptive area for the lobe receiving input form the outside world ie cold o the primary cortex gets the information that is needed for that lobe sensory inputo deals with either sensory inputmotor outputevery lobe has a associational cortexo it is the computing power of the brain what can we do with the info we have o processes are higher order and is the newest in terms of evolutiono in more highly evolved organisms humansprimates there ishigher proportion of associational cortex Bordmannmapped the brain with numbersthe primary cortex of each lobe has a number need to know o frontal cortex46 o parietal cortex312 o occipital cortex17is where information comes in from the eyes
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