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Visual System

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Ted Petit

Human Brain and Behaviour Visual System Anatomy How is it organized Everything begins in the retina o Retina is part of the central nervous systemNOT PERIPHERAL o Retina grows out from the brainso it is part of the brain o Retina is divided right down the centre into two parts The part near the nose is called the NASAL PORTION Part close to the outside of your head is called TEMPORAL PORTION Information from each half o A nerve is a pathway outside the central nervous system (peripheral system) o For pathway in the Central nervous systemITS CALLED A TRACT o Everything close to the eye is called the OPTIC NERVE o Nerves from the eye crossover (some crossover, some dont) Cross over is called OPTIC CHIASM When it moves towards the brain the nerves are call TRACTS After optic nerves When nerve fibers come together at optic chiasm o Fibres from temporal portion of the retina come together at optic chiasm BUT DO NOT CROSS o Fibers from nasal portion of the retina come together and cross. o Something in your RIGHT visual field will hit the NASAL PORTION of RIGHT EYE and TEMPORAL PORTION of LEFT EYE
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