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Ted Petit

PSYB65 Lecture 03: Problems in brain Midterm in Nov 1 5-7 pm only mc & focus on actual text in textbook o No dates (if there is date, it will help you along it will not affect answer) o No question about tables Problem in the vascular system (blood flow): A) Blockage: the blockage prevents blood to go to the brbalnod carry O & sucrose O is really important person can only stay alive 3 min or less wout O especially brain it is highly active in metabolically short time wout O is devastating o E.g. heart attack if it too long to get it beating & supply blood most likely suffer some type of brain damage 1 type: Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA) most commonly refer to as stroke term stroke is commonly used in loose sort of way Severe interruption to the blood supply of the brain this results in Ischemia in general sense, it means problem in the blood supply (not enough blood O) to the brain o Since O is the primary component in blood it also refer to as disruption of O supply to the brain This then produces dead dying tissue called Infarct look at what part of brain is infarct Summary: CVA Ischemia Infarct area of the brain (e.g. frontal lobe..) nd 2 type: slower acting Encephalomalacia Lack of blood supply but its very slow usually from some sort of long term blockage of artery plague cholesterol o Slow reduction in the blood supply brain tissues start becoming damaged When this occur generally see what we refer to as softening of the brain tissue means there is some damage in tissue but the tissue as whole is not dead maybe some swelling Summary: Encephalomalacia softening of brain tissue 3 type: Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Its common transient meaning its temporary it comes last for while & then it goes away
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