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Lecture 3

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PSYB65H3 Lecture 3 (Sept 27, 2010) Exam Format Information from lecture + Information from textbook (even if he doesnt talk about it) No dates Will not ask any questions that are in a table (those that are not in textbook) , only the text from the textbook Midterm Exam Date: (Monday) November 1, 5-7pm Exam is multiple choice Main Teaching Points: 1. Things that go wrong with the nervous system eg. Stroke, traumas 2. Glial Cells and diseases that pertain to glial cells Problems in Vascular System (Blood Flow) Blockage in blood flow = lack of oxygen and glucose (critical) Brain has high metabolic rate, a short period without oxygen is devastating Brain damage A. Types of Blockage of Blood flow 1. Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) Most commonly called as stroke Severe interruption of blood supply to the brain Interruption of blood supply result in ischemia problem in blood supply, not enough blood o Not enough blood supply = not enough glucose and oxygen supplied to the brain Produces dead dying tissue (infarct) o Infarct tissue that is very damaged and has a lot of dying tissue 2 2. Encephomalacia Lack of blood supply but very slow Not rapid, very slow blockage in which blood vessels slowly breakdown Result of very slow reduction in blood supply to the brain Results in softening of the brain tissue getting some dead in the brain tissue or swelling but death is not complete 3. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Sudden lack of oxygen that is temporary Usually involves a typical musculature vessel Eg. Migraine headaches During constriction, there is a lack of blood supply to a particular part of the brain Short duration comes and goes Causes that result in disruption in blood flow
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