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Lecture 2

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Ted Petit

sulcivalleysdivides where things are in brain gyrimountains fissuredeep groove longitudanal fissure separates left and right hemisphere it is very deep everything from the right hand side is on the left side of brain and vice versa corpus collosum connects the two hemispheres central sulcus silvianlateral fissure which is on the side primary area of cortexdeals with primary thing that the lobe does Associational Cortexbuilds on information from others which processes information in more complex ways Broadmann mapped cerebral cortex of humans Frontal lobesstarts at anterior to central sulcus involves motor movement functionsthe output part of brain planning inhibition of inappropriate behaviors and long term appropriateness to get to goalsprimary cortex is motor strip located in precentral gyrus areas 4 and 6 parietal lobe posterior to central sulcus responsible for sensations of the bodysomatosensory primary cortex is postcentral gyrus 312 humunculuslittle man on motor strip occipital lobe bac
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