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Lecture 6

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Ted Petit

schizophreniaoveractive dopamine system associated with hallucinations typically auditory and dillusions are weird thoughts like god or marshons are talking with them age of onset is between 20s and 30s dont have a lot of freinds isolation poor performance on frontal lobe function and verbal and non verbal memory neuropsychological tests show that they are completely normal enlarged ventricles and lighter brain weight 1 of population has schizophrenia 1015 of immediate family and dizygotic twins are schizophrenic 4075 of monozygotic twins are schizophrenicdopamine antagonist reduces function of dopamine eg phenothyazines most popular being chlorporozine blocked the sites dopamine serotonin and norepinipherine emphatimes can cause schizophrenic symptoms in completely normal individuals for 2448hrs of usage problem in dopamine receptors 6 times the number of d4 receptors through inheritance mood disordersdepressionsleep or insomnia suicidal food intake high blood pressure medication caused depression in patients caused reduction in monoaminesaldemet blocked synthesis of norepinephrine which caused depression 2025 have a reduction in 5hiaabreakdown
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