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Lecture 3

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Ted Petit

PSYB65 Lecture 3Vascular disordersCerebrovascular accident CVA also use the term stroke severe interruption of blood supply to the brain disruption in blood supply results in ischemia which means the brain is not getting enough oxygen blood insufficient supply of oxygen nutrients if this is severe enough then you will get death of a part of the brain infarct means dead or dying issue so a blockage results in ischemia then that causes an infarct this blockage of blood flow can be very fast or very slow very fast is very common blockage can happen very slowly over time through the buildup of cholesterol which can lead to a slow reduction in cognitive capacity most of the time you see in hospitals when it happens all of a sudden such a stroke the kind of damage depends on what artery was blockedEncephomalacia a very slow reduction in the brain blood supply which causes an accumulation of small amounts of damage causes the softening of brain tissue tends to occur more in the elderlyTransient ischemic attack reduction in blood supply caused by the musculature on the outside of the blood vessels contracting temporary not enough to kill the neurons the muscles eventually relax and blood supply continues and everything is fine can be caused by migraine headaches Thrombosis and embolism are the two things that can cause a sudden obstruction of the brain thrombosis is a locally formed blockage in the artery and can be caused by something like a blood clot formed in the
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