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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

PSYB65 Lecture 9Lateralization of the brainIn adulthood wounds to the left hemisphere 100 of the patients will show some aphasic symptoms some problems in language approximately 30 of them showed some recovery and interestingly enough these were either left handed or ambidextrous patients the least amount of recovery was always in right handed people this suggests that language is in the left hemisphere and that handedness somehow plays a role in thisPatients with damage to the right hemisphere showed few language problems and it rarely leads to serious aphasia the only people who did show any signs of aphasia were either left handed or ambidextrous and they showed good recovery from their language problems right handed patients did not show any language problems associated with right hemisphere damage this told us that right handed people had language in the left hemisphere and for left handed people language is bilateralIn children under the age of 5 damage to either side has an equal probability of producing aphasic symptoms in addition 100 of them will show at least some recovery it appears that all children have language on both sides the developing brain is incredibly plasticIn acallosal adult patients do not have a corpus callosum they have language on both sides of their brain regardless of handednessIn children with early extensive brain damage they have language on the opposite hemisphere of the brain with damage these children can recover very well and still develop speechA theory developed by neuropsychologists suggests that
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