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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Ted Petit

Lecture 7: Brain and Behavior Introduction In this course it is important to know about the drugs that people use for themselves, like self induced drugs. Its not prescribed medication but taking drugs for fun. Addiction is a huge problem in North America, and so it is very important to know about drugs that are being taken without prescription and just for fun. You have to be aware of the drugs and responsible for all sorts of crimes. How drugs work The Global overview of how drugs are classified. o Prescription drugs: these are the drugs that the doctor prescribes for you. o Over the counter drugs: those are things that you can get over the counter at the drug store and you dont have to have a prescription for them. o Social Drugs: Things like nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. Things that you dont go to a drug store to get. They are also not prescribed. o The drugs that are not produced commercially. And if they are produced commercially, they are not produced for the psychoactive effect. They are not produced commercially such as marijuana, you can go and say that you want a package of stuff. There can be produced commercially but not used for psychoactive effect such as airplane glue. It is produced commercially, but you are not supposed to put it in a bag and snort it to get high. Tolerance o Most of the drugs when taken repeatedly, you get a decreasing behavioral effect. o If you take a look at the synapses. In your normal synapse, you have normal sort of activity. Let us say that you have four receptors, whenever you take a drug, such as a stimulant. If you take a stimulant, it will have excess amount of transmitters to be released through varies mechanisms such as manufacturing, storage, release, and reuptake. However what you are going to have more transmitters substances hitting the receptors, and so it stimulates the post synaptic neuron. What will happen is when you release more and more of the transmitters you will have a hyper stimulus of the post synapses which is bombarding by the action of the stimulant. Some actions can be done directly, and there are some stimulants that show action after a series of events. So you are getting these receptors being bombarded with stimulants, and you get a plastic response of the postsynaptic cells for them to either reduce the number or the sensitivity of the postsynaptic receptors. The more postsynaptic receptors being bombarded, the more the post synaptic
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