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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Ted Petit

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Lecture 9: Brain and Behaviors Brain Lateralization Brain Lateralization is information that made us aware that the brain is not bilaterally the same. The functions are not the same. The left hemisphere is more involved in language. The right and left hemispheres dont do the same thing. Historical Perspective Discoveries were made with people who had brain damage during wars. Whenever they had any kind of brain damage it was different in different patients. These results were found in adults. Problems in the left hemisphere (damage) o Whenever they looked at this patients in the hospitals, when they recovered. 100% of these patients, some language (aphasia) problems. About 30% of these patients showed some degree of recovery, and these were all left handed people or they were ambidecerious. The least amount of recovery was in right handed patients. Problems with the right hemisphere o There was very few language problems. That small percentage that did have language problems, were all left handed or both handed people. Most people showed recover from the language problem. Right handed people with right hemisphere damage didnt show language problem. For right handed people it became clear that language was located on the left hand side of the brain.
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