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Ted Petit

Lecture 6Chapters 2 and 14 EXAM 57pm 50questions 25 on the lecture material 25from the textbook ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE Todays lecture will be on the EXAM No pictures on the exam There will be details to distinguish between the A and the A students Spend more time on the textbook Psychiatric disorders Schizophreniahallucinations and delusions They hear people talking to them Schizoaffective disorderDelusions just thinking that people are plotting against youIf you make it to 30 then youre good to go YEY o Are there problems in the brainThey show poor performance on frontal lobe tasks and on verbal and nonverbal memory is it because of the drugs theyve been taking or is it because of the schizophreniaitsunclear o most of these people have enlarged ventricles and lighter brains o genetics about 1 of the population gets itbut 1015 of the schizophrenic patients family parents or children or siblings are schizophrenicscientists are looking at twins if you look at nonidentical twins 1015 if one is schizophrenicthe other will be tooif they are monozygotic twins 4075 if one of them is schizophrenic the other one will be as wellits interesting that they have the same DNA and its not 100so there are other factors a study identical twins have to be separated for the first year of life and one of them is schizophrenia 912 were also schizophrenicso you cant really blame the parenting so the genetics
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