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Ted Petit

Sept 12 – lec 1 – Hum & behaviour psych Language is very important, without language you are screwed being mute, deaf or blind, you can adapt, but no language = gg no re Nervous system – 2 parts CNS = central (brain + spinal cord) PNS = Peripheral (all other nerves – one that come out of spinal cord and to rest of body)/everything else, from brain to feelings. Brain and spinal cord -> no defined separation -has gradual change in cell type (goes into frame and magnum – hole in brain) -> Very important Focus on brain today: - Looks identical (in some sense) to mice, rats and stuff ( mammals – not all ) - Over all organization looks similar o Fore, mid, hind brains (general terms) o Spinal cord in the back o Hind brain:  Brain stem – piece of spinal cord with it -> looks like stem of cotton candy  2 major part of hind: • Cerebellum, medulla  Cerebellum -> takes sensory input and combines with motor sense • Sensory motor integration • -can see on exterior  Medulla -> basic life processes (in brain core of hind brain) • Heart rate, respiration -> keeps you alive at most basic lvl • DO NOT WANT A STROKE HERE (insta kill) • Very critical area in brain stem ( in medulla ) o Mid brain:  Primary reticular formation -> primary factors of mid brain  Nuclei formations  Sleep cycles -> circadian (sleep-wakefulness cycles)  Damage in reticular formation -> can lead to coma -> can’t wake up o Fore brain (anterior)  Has a lot of stuff lol (most mast of brain)  Humans have huge fore brain, other parts much smaller  Thalamus • Huge central portion • Major relay center (particularly in human and higher mammals) • Conveys info to appropriate cortex in huge fore brain ( cerebral cortex) • Most processing here, not all  Hypothalamus • Fun, good stuff (feel good stuff) • Life functions, but not primitive ones o Thirst, Hungry, territoriality, sexual behaviour o Four “F”’s -> finding, feeding, fighting, fucking- sexual reproduction • Keeps individuals alive (most important species) • Drugs stimulates this area ( anything that makes you feel good )  Limbic system • Behind thalamus, hypothalamus • Covered by cerebral cortex • Deals with emotions and emotionality o I.e. Pets ( dog happy to see you), o Passion, love, hatred, revenge, etc. • Amygdala, hippocampus (seahorse) inside • Hypothalamus partially in  Cerebral cortex (aka. Neo cortex) • most anterior structure of the brain and curves back on brain but doesn’t touch anything • Largest +most complex part and curves back and covers everything as it developed • higher brain functions ( intellectual functions ) • Most of human brain (~85%) • involves and controls these: speech, reasoning, intelligence, info processing, everything you experience Evolution of human brain: - Not top or most evolved (every species are dif. Can’t really compare, all have own good aspects) - Dogfish is primitive, turtle, gold fish, r
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